I Came Into the World Crying and Haven't Stopped Since

by Grey Scales

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released January 1, 2017

Music by Stephanie P. Aliaga
Thank you to Steven Meara and Sam Barna for recording this EP.
A special thanks to Sam Barna for producing, mixing, mastering and making this EP possible.
Thank you to Joe Rom for kicking ass on the drums and guitar. Also for encouraging me to record.
Thank you to Matt Strick for last minute playing bass and letting us take over your house to record.

Piano, vocals and lyrics by Stephanie P. Aliaga
Except "Home" written by Sam Barna and Stephanie P. Aliaga
Cover image by Joscelyn Garay



all rights reserved


Grey Scales New York, New York

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Track Name: Heavy
SometimesI wish I never left the womb
Maybe by 30 I'll have my shit figured out
Debts paid, decisions made
My teen angst should cease by then
I want to be left alone
I should've never left the womb

I make you heavy and tired
Either inside of you or not

These concerns about me only bring bitterness
You're right, I'm not grateful for anything
18 years later, where is the equality?
Or am I just a sex machine?

Hopefully in my next life I'll be less pissed off
Or have parents with better genes
I should've never left the womb
Track Name: Black Hole
I said yes when I let you tear my clothes apart
I moaned when I felt nothing at all
You are thrusting my emptiness even further

I'll shut my mind and open my holes wide for you so I can feel whole
After all, isn't this what I like?

I thought giving in would make feel better, stronger
I've learned to enjoy the pain
I'll breathe heavier, just how you like it
Anything you please just please finish soon

If this isn't rape then what should I call it?
I'm stuck between hypocrisy and self destruction again
Track Name: Hector
I don't know what you are thinking
I don't know what you want from me
Remember that time you asked me what I don't like about you
What I don't like about you
All I could think about was myself
I don't know what you want from me so tell me

Why didn't you do anything that night?
I watched you fall asleep
I wanted to leave so you don't see me like this

No sé que estas pensando
No sé que quieres de mí
Recuerdas esa vez que me preguntaste que no me gusta de ti
Me gusta todo de ti
Track Name: Home
Your work boots stomp against the wooden creaky floor
Your keys slam onto the dining room table
Her voice trembles like train tracks
You're always just tearing through

The kids stay in their rooms, their fear dwells in it
If it was up to me I would let you take the car and leave
Wake up on the floor of some other morning
We'd change on all the doors, you can run to the family you care for
They don't care, we do
You don't care but we do

If you hate being home then why don't you just leave?
You cheated on Mami right in front of me
Your voice trembles like train tracks
Face flushed, lips soaked with 100 proof

I know I should hate you but I don't
You built these walls with bare hands
You tear them down just the same